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Class Action

A Few Good Men

By May 16, 2014October 17th, 2019No Comments

In our case against Quik Cash (and yes, they actually spell it that way), a payday lender, we are working with four experts who are also attorneys, but this post is not about their testimony. This post is about my chance to observe their ethics, their passion, and their commitment to helping people. I have chosen to write about this because, although we all hear attorney jokes from time to time, it is nice to remember that there are attorneys in the world who are committed to doing good. Spending time with John Ammann, Dale Irwin, Bernard Brown, and Stuart Rossman has been a delight. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting in their depositions and talking with them about our case.

John Ammann is a professor at Saint Louis University School of Law and is in charge of the St. Louis University Law Clinic. Dale Irwin and Bernard Brown are both highly respected consumer attorneys in Kansas City, and Stuart Rossman is the head of litigation for the National Consumer Law Center.

One night when I was talking with my wife about how much I enjoyed getting to know our experts, I began to reflect on what traits the four of them had in common. It led to some interesting observations that I’ve chosen to share here.

  • All four men are talented attorneys whose educations and experience would allow them to excel in any form of law.
  • All four men have dedicated themselves to helping consumers, low-income individuals and ordinary people who are facing life’s everyday challenges.
  • All four men have chosen to pursue causes in which they believe rather than to pursue a higher income at any cost.
  • All four men are honest men who deal with each person they may encounter with integrity. They are men of deep character and conviction, and they are men capable of tremendous compassion and emotion.
  • All four men are happy.

This post has no legal lesson, but I hope it serves as a reminder that there are attorneys in the world who care about people and care about doing what is right. Please visit the NCLC site to learn more about their efforts to help consumers, or visit the homepage for the National Association of Consumer Attorneys for examples of attorneys who are dedicated to helping people.

If you need help but want an attorney you can trust, please feel free to contact us.

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