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Environmental Law

Deadline implemented for fertilizer plant in North Bend, Oregon to cease nuisance odors

By November 18, 2015May 14th, 2020No Comments

We have previously blogged about the declared odor nuisance occurring at Rapid Growth Nutrients in North Bend, Ore., where residents have been complaining of foul odors emanating from the organic fertilizer plant. The World is now reporting that the North Bend City Council has given Rapid Growth Nutrients a deadline of 90 days to implement substantive modifications to the facility that is generating this odor nuisance. The city council has agreed to allow the fertilizer plant a chance to cure the nuisance; however, if there is a lack of progress the city may pursue a forced closure of the plant.

Rapid Growth Nutrients facility owner, Randall Curtis, stated he plans to purchase backup freezers, erect a new building over the processing area, and will look into an ozone system to help remove odors. While Mayor Rick Wetherell stated he appreciates the plans and progress of Rapid Growth Nutrients, he noted the necessity of protecting the citizens of North Bend. The city council will be visiting the facility during its next work session, and the nuisance issue will be revisited in 90 days.

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