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EPA meeting regarding concerns over fracking in the Pavillion area in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

By May 19, 2014October 18th, 2019No Comments

CBS4Denver reports that the EPA will be holding a public meeting on August 31 to discuss the latest test results on water wells that residents believed to be contaminated by gas drilling. Residents believe they method of drilling is what is causing the contamination.

Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” involves pumping pressurized water, sand and chemicals into wells to open up fissures and improve the flow of oil and gas. The studies are on-going in determining if there is a link between fracking and contamination. In my opinion the process can do nothing but increase the potential for contamination. It is a new method for oil and gas production in mid range fields otherwise unable to produce. One of the causation problems has been that the government has allowed big oil to claim their fracking fluids are trade secrets so it is hard to test when you do not know the range of chemicals being used. We previously blogged about this dangerous method of drilling.

We will keep an eye on this for developments. To find out if The Simon Law Firm can help with a landfill litigation case, or a hydraulic fracturing case, contact environmental lawyer Todd Hageman.

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