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Florence, New Jersey Residents Fight Pennsylvania Landfill for Cleaner Air

By March 28, 2015May 14th, 2020No Comments

As reported in both the Burlington County Times and, residents of Florence, New Jersey have been fighting with a Tullytown, Pennsylvania landfill operator. The dispute: noxious odors of all kinds saturating the township on the south side of the Delaware river. Florence resident Bob Fitzgerald wants the polluters to pay: “Either we have to leave this town or they have to stop killing us. You can’t live in this.” The noxious odors, irritating to the eyes, nose, and throat, have concerned the Florence residents for so long that they formed a group, the Citizens Against the Smell of Tullytown, to put pressure on both local authorities and Waste Management, the landfill operator.

I am currently representing over 100 people affected by landfill odors in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania, and over 100 people affected by landfill odors in McClellandtown, Pennsylvania. I am not currently representing anyone in New Jersey. I have represented over a thousand similarly situated people around the country in various odor nuisance and landfill litigation.

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