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Minnesota Residents’ Complaints about Compost Facility Odors Going Unaddressed

By May 16, 2014May 14th, 2020No Comments is reporting that Residents of Shakopee, Minnesota are complaining of odors from a compost facility in the area. Some say the smell gets intolerable at times and that the company is not adequately responding to their complaints. When they file complaints, the company has told residents that they start new batches of compost every 12 to 15 weeks. The company also measures the odors only against its own standards, leaving residents frustrated. One resident described the effect of the odor as being comparable to having to eat her dinner next to a pile of garbage and says it makes it difficult to spend time outdoors in the summer.

I do not currently represent anyone at this site. I do currently represent people near two compost facilities in Washington who are facing similar issues, and I have represented over a thousand similarly situated people around the country in various odor nuisance cases.

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