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More local comments on Crow Lane Landfill debacle

By May 19, 2014September 6th, 2019No Comments

Alida Frey wrote a letter to the editor of The Daily News about her frustration with the mayor of Newburyport, Massachusetts. He had earlier commented that his biggest mistake while in office was not issuing the order to reopen the Crow Lane landfill earlier. Ms. Frey is disappointed that he did not suggest regret in how the reopening and now closing of the landfill was handled.

Gillian Swart wrote in her blog, Port Reporter Unlimited that she spoke too soon about there being no complaints about the landfill. July 1 to the date of the blog, August 21, 2009, has seen more complaints about the landfill since 2006. Now, supposedly, the DEP isn’t sending daily updates to certain members of the media.

We will keep an eye on this for developments. We have spoken to Newburyport residents and continue to monitor and review the situation. We also represent hundreds of similarly situated people around the country in various landfill and environmental litigations.

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