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Mysterious gas odor concerns Clinton, Illinois residents

By May 19, 2014May 14th, 2020No Comments

Over the last year a mysterious odor appeared around the homes near the Clinton Landfill, causing headaches for residents. The Dewitt Daily News posted in their 12/1/09 blog that nearby resident, Sue Calvert, complained to the IEPA and Area Disposal, the subsidiary of landfill owner Peoria Disposal Company. Since then, other residents have shared with her similar complaints. George Armstrong, the landfill’s chief engineer, has acknowledged the odor as methane. Since experiencing the odors, Mrs. Calvert’s family installed methane detectors in their home, and she said they are continually being triggered.

In our experience, in addition to the methane being release, the odors impacting the residents are not from the methane, but are sulfur gasses such as hydrogen sulfide being released along with the methane. Furthermore, as we have said in the past, the concentration of the landfill gasses and their associated noxious odors do not always have to exceed government standards to pose a nuisance, or cause physical reactions, such as burning eyes, headaches, sinus problems and nausea.

You can read more about this in The Pantagraph.

A community activist group, WATCH is urging residents with odor complaints to fill out complaint forms to send to the IEPA and EPA, and provides links to the forms on their website. WATCH was originally formed to oppose the permitting of part of the landfill to accept chemical waste such as PCBs. Because the landfill is set on top of an aquifer, there is great concern of groundwater and drinking water contamination.

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