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Newburyport residents take to the Internet to complain about Crow Lane Landfill

By May 19, 2014May 14th, 2020No Comments

Since we have been blogging (and commenting in news articles articles) about the horrible odors residents have to endure, even miles from the hopefully soon to be capped Crow Lane Landfill, residents have been taking to blogging and commenting on news articles to express their anger. There seems to be a consensus that New Ventures is not properly capping the landfill, and the city and state is doing little to get them into compliance with state regulations, or at least to decrease the nuisance (and in some cases sickness) the odors are causing.

I was recently interviewed by Barbara Taormina of Wicked Local in a recent article called “Down on the Dumps” where I expressed how state environmental protection agencies have had limited success in assisting residents frustrated by months, and sometimes years, of air quality problems.

I’m sure this is the tip of the iceberg, but we have found the following complaints from residents, and some even mentioning our comments, and even our blog:

Gillian Swart of Port Reporter Limited is saying “Shut it down!”

Another article by Gillian Swart of Port Reporter Limited called “Landfill Coverage National”.

Katie Farrell of The Daily News profiled neighbor complaints in “Neighbors: Landfill stench worse Complaints pour in from neighborhoods, businesses”.

As we have said before, even low amounts of hydrogen sulfide, at the least, cause a horrible rotten egg odor that diminishes the ability to enjoy your own property. Low amounts can also cause a myriad of symptoms including dizziness, dull headaches, sinus problems, congestion and nausea.

We will keep an eye on this for developments. We have spoken to Newburyport residents who are enduring these odors and continue to monitor and review the situation. We also represent hundreds of similarly situated people around the country in various landfill and environmental litigations.

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