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Odor nuisance in the Rubbertown area of Louisville, Kentucky

By May 16, 2014September 9th, 2019No Comments

WFPL News is reporting that residents living in the West End of Rubbertown are suffering from a sewage and chemical odor nuisance on their property. Rubbertown is a neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky. Officials are determining the source of the odors. Part of the frustration is that for Air Pollution Control to get involved, they themselves have to smell the odors, and according to residents, the worst of the odors are at night when they are not on duty.

I do not currently represent anyone at this site. I have represented over a thousand similarly situated people around the country in various odor nuisance and environmental litigation regarding landfills. To find out how The Simon Law Firm can help, contact environmental attorney Todd Hageman.

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