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Environmental Law

Odors from North Bend, Oregon organic fertilizer plant declared a nuisance

By October 26, 2015May 14th, 2020No Comments

We previously blogged that neighbors had been complaining for more than 15 months about the odors emanating from Rapid Grow Nutrients in North Bend, Oregon. The Coos Bay World is now reporting the North Bend City Council unanimously declared the facility to be a nuisance. The City Council felt the organic fertilizer manufacturer had been given ample time to rectify the problem, but nearby residential neighborhoods are still left dealing with foul odors from the facility. Resident Dena McDonald stated, “I ran a dairy for 15 years and I know what manure smells like and I’ll tell you it smells sweet compared to what is down there.” Many neighbors are concerned that the continuing odor would potentially impact the property values in the area.

Pat Smith, an employee with Rapid Grow Nutrients, has admitted the location of the plant is not ideal, as it borders a residential neighborhood. However, the plant asked for leniency to continue operations while trying to find a solution to the odor problem. Per the North Bend City Council’s decision, the plant has 10 days to come into compliance before the city continues with the next step of abatement.

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