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Residents suffering rotten egg odors from the Orange County Landfill in Avalon Park, Florida

By September 28, 2015June 21st, 2022No Comments

The Orlando Sentinel and are reporting that residents in Avalon Park, FL, are tired of the smell emitting from the Orange County Landfill, located on Young Pine Road near State Road 417. Nearby residents have compared the stench of the landfill to “bad eggs, dead animals, poop and sewage.” After meeting with county leaders on Wednesday evening, residents were told the county would expand a gas-collection system at the landfill to help siphon off odors, stop mixing materials in the landfill, and work with consultants to formulate additional solutions to stop the odor. County administrators blame the intensified odor on an increased amount of rainfall this summer. However, residents state they have been complaining of the increasingly foul smell ever since March. There are more than 2000 homes within a 5 mile radius of the landfill, which is the estimated smelling distance of the dump. At least 100 complaints have been submitted by the residents of Waterside Estates Subdivision alone.

Resident Kerry Connors has been required to wear a bandana over her mouth and nose while mowing the lawn, while resident David Pantojas refuses to run in his neighborhood anymore. Resident Aixa Perez has even stopped inviting friends over to her home, stating she is “too embarrassed by the stench.”

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