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Environmental Law

Something smells fishy to neighbors near Rapid Grow Nutrients fertilizer plant in North Bend, Oregon

By October 6, 2015May 14th, 2020No Comments

The World reports residents near Rapid Grow Nutrients fertilizer plant in North Bend, Oregon have been forced to endure the stench of rotten materials used for manufacturing fertilizer. Rapid Grow Nutrients uses fish, fish by-products and other ocean sources to create their fertilizer. During the past 15 months, neighbors have been complaining of a pungent stench coming from the plant. The North Bend police have even issued 11 municipal code violations to the plant in that time. A nuisance hearing was scheduled for last week; however, the owner and operations director for the fertilizer plant got the hearing date wrong and forced the City Council to push the hearing off until the next meeting.

Resident Sally Prouty commented the nearby Ferry Road Park was recently fixed up, unfortunately visitors to the park now have to deal with the smell of rotten fish from the fertilizer plant. On multiple occasions, city administrator Terence O’Connor was told a supplier had left fish carcasses over the weekend or there had been a breakdown of equipment, which caused the foul smell. O’Connor noted that the zoning code does not permit odors to leave a site, regardless of what the industrial zoning is.

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