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South Huntingdon, Pennsylvania Secures Five Figure Fine against MAX Environmental

By March 28, 2015May 14th, 2020No Comments

As reported by TribLive, city of South Huntingdon has successfully prosecuted MAX Environmental for violating the township’s nuisance ordinance. Describing the Industrial Waste Disposal site as “a graveyard for waste,” South Huntingdon solicitor Christopher Huffman heralded the decision as a “starting point” in the township’s effort to clean up the area. “Unpleasant odors can deprive a person of the use of their property,” said Huffman.

Residents of the western Pennsylvania township were not as excited, however. James Knepper viewed the amount of the fine as nothing more than “a slap on the wrist.” Knepper said the odor was “super terrible,” “it makes you want to gag.” Harold Jones said he just wants to work outside without getting headaches. One resident, Craig Zafaras, said that sometimes the smell on weekends bothers his lungs so badly, he will drive out of the area just to get some fresh air.

I am currently representing over 100 people affected by landfill odors in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania, and over 100 people affected by landfill odors in McClellandtown, Pennsylvania. I am not currently representing anyone in New Jersey.

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