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Troubled Landfill to be Kept Open Indefinitely

By May 19, 2014May 14th, 2020No Comments

Over the last year, violations and fines have piled up for the Ralph Avenue Landfill, otherwise known as the Rubbertown dump, along with the concerns of the odors and safety for residents of the 180 unit mobile home park nearby. The Louisville Courier-Journal reports that State authorities are choosing to leave the landfill open indefinitely, so taxpayers won’t be stuck with the bill. They are more concerned that the owner of the landfill will shut down, leaving the cleanup bill for tax payers, than in working to getting rid of the stink and toxic contamination.

Tom FitzGerald, of the Kentucky Resources Council feels that the landfill should have been either closed or upgraded in 1992 when laws changed regarding the disposal of solid waste. He is also concerned about the amount of toxic coal ash being dumped. Betty Donoho, owner of the Pioneer Mobile Home Park, and resident Debbie Dickinson, both feel like they are being treated as though their concerns are not important because it’s just a mobile home park. They both complain of horrible odors making people sick.

While I do not currently represent anyone at this site, I know it is typical that people living in low income areas are usually the ones most taken advantage of by toxic landfills and dumping.

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