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Landfill Litigation

Ohio EPA investigating dust and odors near Lordstown Landfill

By April 6, 2015May 14th, 2020No Comments

WKBN is reporting that odors of rotten eggs and dust covered cars are plaguing residents living near the Lordstown Construction Recovery Landfill, which is operated by Lafarge. Last June, the local Air-Pollution Control Agency said that dust emissions exceeded permitted limits. Now, residents are describing sulfur or rotten egg odor in the air. Trumbll County and Ohio EPA have received 30 complaints since early January. The Ohio EPA is investigating.

I currently represent over 120 residents in New Lexington, Ohio in an odor nuisance lawsuit against the Tunnel Hill Landfill. I also represent hundreds of similarly situated people around the country in various landfill and environmental litigation.

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