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U-Haul Trailers Can Cause Accidents

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According to an L.A. Times investigation, U-Haul allows customers to pull trailers that weigh as much as or more than the towing vehicle. U-Haul’s policy ignores the towing recommendations provided by automobile manufacturers.

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Product Liability Litigation for U-Haul Accident Claims in Missouri

Trailers can swing and jolt violently—even under normal driving conditions, but especially when traveling downhill. This can occur due to a gust of wind, or if a driver makes a sharp turn. Once a trailer starts swaying, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to regain control. Dozens of individuals have been killed, and hundreds hurt, in collisions involving U-Haul trailers.

At The Simon Law Firm, P.C., we believe that consumer safety should come first. If your safety has been jeopardized by a company’s dangerous recommendations, you should speak with our team of product liability attorneys in St. Louis. Our firm has experience handling cases like yours nationwide.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving a U-Haul trailer, we encourage you to get in touch with The Simon Law Firm, P.C. for a free case evaluation. The Simon Law Firm, P.C. and our team of attorneys are dedicated to helping individuals and their families nationwide who have been injured by dangerous products, including accidents involving U-Haul trailers.

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