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When you get hurt, you go to a doctor. When your doctor turns you into an opioid addict, you go to a lawyer. But back in 2012, an opioid case against a physician was new legal territory, even though opioid prescriptions and deaths were skyrocketing. Results Don’t Lie is a new legal drama podcast where true crime meets true law in a landmark case that impacts America. Told by personal injury attorneys Tim Cronin and Johnny Simon from The Simon Law Firm, the lawyers who took this landmark case to trial, Results Don’t Lie reveals the true story of discovery, depositions and in-depth courtroom strategy on both sides of the nation’s first attempts to sue a physician for overprescribing opioids.

Throughout this 5-part podcast, we will dissect the case from the first meeting to the final gavel. You’ll hear how doctors defend themselves, discover the strategy behind jury selection, and learn what it takes to fight the medical system for a verdict that brought justice to a family, added safety to the system and impacts you today. In the bonus episode, Tim and Johnny discuss the new legal challenges personal injury attorneys face today when they fight for victims of bad medicine, some of which are directly linked to the verdict in Koon v Walden. If you trust your doctor, tune in.

Contact information: Results Don’t Lie is a production of The Simon Law Firm. Contact Tim and Johnny at

Disclaimer: The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements. This disclosure is required by rule of the Supreme Court of Missouri.

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