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Prolonged Labor Errors

In some cases, the baby moves too slowly down the birth canal or completely stops moving down the birth canal. In such cases, the contractions of labor exert dangerous pressure on the baby’s head. Being exposed to these contractions for too long can cause the head to be compressed, which can compromise blood flow to certain parts of the brain. Doctors need to monitor these situations carefully.

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When a child is in distress in the birth canal, the doctor may need to conduct an emergency cesarean. In some cases, doctors and nurses have overlooked signs of fetal distress, leading to birth injuries. In other cases, babies are injured when the doctors wait too long to induce or deliver the baby by Cesarian (“C-section”). Some babies have been injured when doctors improperly perform a C-section.

When a baby is in the birth canal too long, this can cause the baby to be deprived of oxygen (“hypoxia”), which can cause mental impairments or disabilities. This lack of oxygen can be determined on the heart rate monitor. In some cases, doctors and nurses have failed to properly address this dangerous situation.

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