When you wear Heels In The Courtroom, life and law are a little bit different.  This fresh and insightful new podcast from the female trial attorneys at The Simon Law Firm offers mentoring, community and great girl talk about being the best you can be in every part of your life. So kick off those heels, pour a glass of wine, and get to know Amy Gunn, Erica Slater, Liz Lenivy, Mary Simon and Elizabeth McNulty.

Heels in the CourtroomPodcasts
August 5, 2020

EP118 Prepping Your Expert for Deposition

Imagine that every expert you hire is saying “Help me help you.” Are you doing…
Heels in the CourtroomPodcasts
July 29, 2020

EP117 Preparing for a Deposition

How do you do depos? Are you a checklist follower, active listener or aggressive interrogator?…
Heels in the CourtroomPodcasts
July 22, 2020

EP116 Is there a “Lawyer Uniform?”

Is your go-to trial outfit sending the wrong message? Are four-inch heels in the courtroom…
Heels in the CourtroomPodcasts
July 15, 2020

EP115 Pivot or Persevere

Face it. You might not be at this firm forever. But how do you know…
Heels in the CourtroomPodcasts
July 8, 2020

EP114 We Just Simplified #MeToo. You’re Welcome.

Heels In The Courtroom defines the #MeToo social movement with a simple phrase potential offenders…
Heels in the CourtroomPodcasts
July 1, 2020

EP113 Make It Rain

Are you a passenger in your own career? Being successful means defining your niche, marketing…
Heels in the Courtroom
June 24, 2020


Of course you know how to deal with email. But are you committing an email…
Heels in the Courtroom
June 17, 2020

EP111 Lessons From Home

Covid-19 forced every attorney in America to change the way they do business. How are…
Heels in the CourtroomPodcasts
June 10, 2020

EP110 Thread the Needle: Aggressive v Assertive

Women walk a fine line between being perceived as being assertive or aggressive. One is…
Heels in the CourtroomPodcasts
June 3, 2020

EP109 De-Clutter Your Life

If something in your closet no longer gives you joy, throw it out. But does…

Amy Collignon Gunn

Injury & Medical Malpractice Attorney

With a focus on personal injury cases, Amy Collignon Gunn is a caring, trial-tested lawyer serving clients across the United States. She handles many types of personal injury matters, including cases involving defective products, medical negligence, dangerous drugs, and medical devices.

Erica Blume Slater

Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Medical Malpractice, Product Liability, and Trucking Litigation Attorney

As a compassionate and dedicated personal injury, medical negligence, and product liability lawyer, Erica Blume Slater provides legal representation to clients throughout the United States from our office in St. Louis. She advocates for those who have been injured or lost a loved one due to dangerous products, medical malpractice, and vehicle accidents.

Elizabeth S. Lenivy

Medical Malpractice, Product Liability, and Personal Injury Attorney

Elizabeth Lenivy provides excellent, detailed representation in the areas of product liability, medical malpractice, and personal injury. Liz is licensed to practice law in both Missouri and Illinois, as well as the U.S. District Courts for both the Western and Eastern Districts of Missouri.

Mary Simon

Personal Injury, Product Liability, Medical Malpractice, Premises Liability, Class Action, Device Defects, Trucking Litigation

Mary Simon is a devoted advocate of the injured, particularly those suffering from serious injuries related to product liability and medical malpractice lawsuits. Compassionate in her approach and relentless in her determination, she is committed to helping those who’ve been harmed by third party negligence.

Elizabeth McNulty

Defective Products, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury & Class Action Attorney

As a dedicated and passionate advocate, Elizabeth always goes the extra mile to ensure that her clients obtain the best possible results. She has dedicated her practice to holding individuals, companies, and corporations accountable for the damage they cause. Elizabeth’s clients come to her during the most difficult times of their lives and she takes every effort to help them find the answers and resolutions they need when it matters the most.