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Man claims Jeep has Sudden Acceleration Problem

By May 16, 2014February 28th, 2023No Comments is reporting on a story of a Jeep that suddenly accelerates on its own. The vehicle, a 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee owned by a Peter Swales of Springville, New York is said to have sped up 3 separate times. One of the times it accelerated resulted in $10,000 worth of property damage claims. The car dealership responded by installing a black box in the Jeep that is referred to as a “Co-Pilot” to record each incident. A report from the device later showed that both the gas pedal and the brake were pressed at the same time, which Chrysler alleges was caused by a floor mat. Jim Stewart, General Manager of the Towne Chrysler dealership in Hamburg, said, “Chrysler has been trying to do everything. Nothing we’re finding indicates that there’s a malfunction with the (Swales) vehicle.”

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