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Were You or Your Child Injured During Childbirth?

Many complications can arise as a result of a failure to perform a Cesarean section, needlessly putting the well-being of a mother and her child at stake. Some of the birth injuries an infant may suffer from can lead to developmental conditions, such as Erb’s Palsy or cerebral palsy, for which there are no cures and typically require life-long care. Some of the complications that could occur during labor can be diagnosed during prenatal care, however, making it possible to avoid these types of injuries.

If you and/or your child were injured during childbirth because of your healthcare provider’s mistake, contact The Simon Law Firm, P.C. as soon as possible to discuss your legal options. You may be owed compensation for your pain and suffering, hospital bills, and other damages stemming from the error. Our St. Louis medical malpractice lawyers accept birth injury claims nationwide.

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When Is a C-Section Necessary?

A skilled, experienced, and diligent doctor should be able to recognize any warning signs that may warrant the need for a cesarean section, or C-section. This, this procedure is often planned. Common reasons for planning a C-section include:

  • he baby is in a head down position close to the delivery date
  • The mother is carrying more than one baby
  • The mother has high blood pressure or heart disease
  • The mother has an infection that could be transferred to the baby
  • The estimated weight of the baby is 9 pounds or more

Unplanned C-sections are also quite common. During pre-delivery, a doctor might determine that this procedure is necessary for the safety the mother or baby. Some of the reasons why an unplanned C-section might be necessary include:

  • The baby or mother are exhibiting signs of distress
  • Delayed or difficult labor
  • The umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby’s neck
  • Uterine rupture
  • Placenta previa
  • Blocked blood supply to the baby

Causes of a Delayed Cesarean Section

Delay is often a result of poor monitoring. If appropriate monitoring does not occur, significant problems such as fetal distress might go unnoticed. Other times, the procedure may be delayed because of hospital errors, medical professionals who are not prepared, or neglect. A delayed C-section might even be potentially fatal for the mother, possibly leading to excessive blood loss.

Common birth injuries that stem from failure to order a C-section include:


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