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Many people with sleep apnea safely use CPAP and Bi-Level PAP devices in order to get a good night’s sleep. Many of these devices work well. Unfortunately, some of these CPAP and Bi-Level PAP devices have been found to be defective, presenting a risk of serious injuries to users.

On April 26, 2021, Philips announced that certain models were being recalled. The source of the problem is a sound abatement system consisting of a polyester-based polyurethane foam that degrades over time. A few months later, on June 14, 2021, Royal Philips issued a U.S. recall of its CPAP, Bi-Level PAP, and mechanical ventilator devices containing PE-PUR Foam. Philips determined that this foam could degrade into particles that might enter the devices’ pathway and be ingested or inhaled by users. Philips further determined that the PE-PUR Foam might emit gas containing certain chemicals during operation. According to Philips, these issues can result in serious injury which can be life-threatening, causing permanent impairment or requiring medical intervention to preclude permanent impairment. Philips has cautioned that the absence of visible particles in the devices does not mean that PE-PUR Foam breakdown has not already begun.

Inhaling toxic gases and small particles caused by the polyurethane foam can lead to devastating and permanent injuries including various types of cancer, including lung cancer, nasal cancer, leukemia, and lymphatic cancer. The defects have also caused mild symptoms including headache, skin and eye irritation, nausea, cough, and upper respiratory infections.

For anyone with concerns about a CPAP or Bi-Level PAP device, a recommended first step is to determine whether they have one of the recalled devices. More than three million devices have been recalled and this includes more than a dozen specific models. The complete list of recalled devices can be found here: Philips CPAP, BiPAP, and Ventilator Recall of June 26, 2021.

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