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LitigatorThe answer to this depends on the details of your case since each set of circumstances are as unique as the individuals involved. It is important, however, to understand both the positive and negative aspects of settling a case outside of court. People often think that settling means an attorney did not want to fight for them in court, but sometimes settling truly is the option that best serves your interest.

Some of the benefits of settling outside of court include:

  • Less expense: Trials can be a lengthy process, involving a time-intensive discovery process and expert witnesses. If your case is better served through settlement, you can spare yourself some of these expenses.
  • Less stress: Of course, without the lengthy trial, you may not be as burdened with stress. A settlement provides certainty, whereas a trial presents the possibility that the outcome may not end favorably.
  • Privacy: Cases that settle out of court are kept private, unlike cases that go to trial, which become a matter of public record, available for anyone to access unless a judge seals the records.
  • Finality: When a case goes to trial, even if you win, the judgment can be appealed and the process can potentially drag on.

That does not mean settling out of court is necessarily better than going to trial. It does not always make sense to settle, especially if you are being offered a settlement so low that it does not compensate for your injuries. Additionally, settlements often do not account for punitive damages, such as emotional suffering. Ultimately, your personal injury attorney should weigh your options and help determine which course of action best protects your interests.

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