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EP230 – Case Framing with Mark Mandell

Betrayal. Do your job. The value of a handshake. Case frames like these help summarize the “I can’t get over it” issues of your argument in simple terms the jury can understand. But how do you know which frame fits? And what are the dangers of incorrect framing? Acclaimed author and attorney Mark Mandell joins Eric Vieth and Johnny Simon for an eye-opening discussion of his innovative method from his must-read books Case Framing and Advanced Case Framing. It’s more than a model, it’s a mindset for success.

John G. Simon

Personal Injury, Defective Products, Medical Malpractice, Drug & Medical Device Defects, Business Litigation, Class Action Attorney

John G. Simon’s work as Managing Partner at the firm has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars for past clients. Well-respected in his field, John’s career includes several published works, frequent community involvement, and the role of adjunct professor at Saint Louis University School of Law

Erich Vieth

Personal Injury, Consumer Law, Class Action Attorney

For more than thirty years, Erich Vieth has worked as a trial and appellate attorney in St. Louis. His experience includes numerous first chair trials before federal and state judges and juries. He has been lead author of many appellate briefs and presented oral arguments to both federal and state appellate courts.

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