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St. Louis, MO (March 30, 2021). In 2012, an opioid case against a physician was new legal territory, even though
opioid prescriptions and deaths were skyrocketing.

March 30, 2021, The Simon Law Firm is launching a 6-part podcast that will dive into real-life addictions,
deceptions, and betrayals that led to justice in the courtroom. When you get hurt, you go to a doctor. When
your doctor turns you into an opioid addict, you go to a lawyer. Results Don’t Lie is a legal drama podcast
where true crime meets true law in a landmark case that impacts America. Told by personal injury attorneys
Tim Cronin and Johnny Simon, the lawyers who took this landmark case to trial, Results Don’t Lie reveals the
true story of discovery, depositions and in-depth courtroom strategy on both sides of the nation’s first
attempts to sue a physician for overprescribing opioids.

“It’s really difficult for me, knowing everything I know about the opioid epidemic and how long it’s persisted,
to think that big, institutional healthcare providers have not had the systems to track the amount of narcotics
they’re giving out in the community, and most of them did not,” said Tim Cronin, an attorney with The Simon
Law Firm. “That is a major change and a major shift, actually requiring the provider and the prescriber to be
accountable for the amount of narcotics that you’re providing someone.”

“This doctor prescribed over 37,000 opioid pills – three different types at once, this person took an oath to
advocate for the patient.” Johnny Simon, attorney with The Simon Law Firm said. “This is about the
destruction of an American Family.”

Throughout this 6-part podcast, we will dissect the case from the first meeting to the final gavel. You’ll hear
how doctors defend themselves, discover the strategy behind jury selection, and learn what it takes to fight the
medical system for a verdict that brought justice to a family, added safety to the system and impacts you
today. Download Results Don’t Lie wherever you get your podcasts.

About The Simon Law Firm: The Simon Law Firm is consciously designed to be big enough for the most
complex cases, yet small enough to provide personal, efficient and effective legal representation. Our selection
of talented attorneys and courteous, professional staff, our financial strength, and our consistent results have won us the privilege of receiving referrals from attorneys across the country. The Simon Law Firm has
obtained more than $1 billion in verdicts and settlements in medical malpractice, personal injury, and corporate
law since the firm’s founding in 2000. Visit us at

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