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In the early morning hours of December of 2019, our client was a self-employed court reporter arriving at an office building in Clayton, Missouri when she fell on an icy patch in the parking lot, severely fracturing her ankle. She testified that there was no ice melt on the ground at the time of her fall. The defendant snow/ice removal contractor hired to maintain the lot throughout the winter and subcontractor hired to specifically treat the lot that morning argued that they had, in fact, treated the lot at an appropriate time that morning prior to her fall. They relied on their contract, work orders, and photographs alleged to show the deicing they had done that morning to support their defenses. Their last offer before trial was $135,000. Through a detailed investigation into our client’s case, our attorneys found the evidence needed to disprove these defenses and achieve justice for our client. After a three-day trial, a St. Louis County jury awarded our client $400,000 for her injuries.

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