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Congratulations to Mary Simon, the 2022 recipient of the John C Shepherd Professionalism Award! The John C. Shepherd Professionalism Award, is given annually to a BAMSL young lawyer (a member who is 36 years of age or younger or licensed to practice for five years or less) who exemplifies the BAMSL Tenets of Professionalism in the tradition of John C. Shepherd. Mary, both under 36 years old and within the first 5 years of her practice, was nominated by attorneys in the St. Louis community who appreciate her excellence in litigation. The foundation of Mary’s reputation in the legal community is rooted in honesty, trustworthiness and civility with both opposing counsel and the Courts. Mary has an innate ability to secure successful outcomes for her clients while maintaining respectful and professional relationships with her opposing counsel. The award itself reads, “The first thing I want you to do upon graduation is concentrate very hard on how you feel the day of graduation and what a great honor and privilege it is to be a lawyer, and try to maintain that every day that you practice.” Congratulations, Mary Simon!

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