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May 2023 – The American Association for Justice’s (AAJ) publication, Trial Magazine, features an article written by attorney, Amy Collignon Gunn. The article, “Witness Impeachment 101”, provides a tried and tested guide for discrediting a witness before and during trial. In addition, the article provides examples of real expert witness deposition and trial testimony.

“The credibility of witnesses’ opinions and statements can be key to proving, or disproving, a party’s case. In some instances, attacking an opposing witness’s credibility through prior inconsistent statements is more than just helpful to your case – it’s part of your duty to advocate vigorously for your client.” (Amy Collignon Gunn, Witness Impeachment 101)

The American Association for Justice’s (AAJ) Trial Magazine, is a monthly publication for members of the legal community. Click the link below to access Amy’s article and other AAJ material.

Witness Impeachment 101

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