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To assist with the delivery of a newborn, medical providers can sometimes opt to use medical devices. When used appropriately, birth-assisting medical equipment can be an optimal solution to what might have been a difficult, laborious, or extensive birth. On the other hand, a medical provider unfit or untrained to use the medical equipment can actually cause far more harm through their misuse. In some cases, the result can be a permanent birth injury.

Commonly used birth-assisting medical devices that may harm a newborn or mother when misused:

  • Forceps: When a baby is incorrectly positioned in the birth canal or womb, forceps can be carefully used by a medical provider to reposition the infant. Done correctly, the birth can be completed readily. Used incorrectly and the forceps can actually harm the child. In many instances, children are born with lacerations that turn to scars from the harsh use of forceps. Others can be pulled, twisted, and contorted by a medical provider using forceps without the right training or acceptable level of care.
  • Vacuum extractors: Some children are born in the correct position but resist being birthed for other reasons, like size, weight, or the relative weakness of the mother’s contractions. A vacuum extractor, when used correctly, can gently pull a child headfirst to complete the delivery. As the name suggests, it uses gentle vacuuming to extract the newborn. Vacuum extractors can be dangerous, though, if the child is not positioned correctly, or if the force of the vacuum is too powerful for their head. Some children can suffer permanent brain injuries as a result of a vacuum extractor.
  • Pitocin: To increase a mother’s oxytocin levels and therefore improve the strength and frequency of her contractors, a medical provider may use a synthetic drug called Pitocin. However, Pitocin has been linked to numerous health risks to the mother and child alike. Examples of serious complications include water intoxication, pulmonary edema, and fetal distress. Medical providers must be extremely cautious when using Pitocin, choosing to use the drug only as a last resort. Otherwise, it could amount to medical malpractice if the mother and/or her child are hurt after it is used.

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