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Missouri Jury Awards $47M:

Exploding Boiler Case

On April 3, 2017, a 3,000 pound, pressurized steam container violently exploded at the Loy Lange Box Company facility on Russell Avenue in the historic neighborhood of Soulard in St. Louis. The container flew 500 feet through the air before crash landing into the Faultless Linen facility. One person was killed and two were injured at Loy Lange, while three more were killed and another injured at Faultless Linen.

This tragedy resulted from a prolonged series of errors by the various defendants in the case, beginning with the failure by the designer and manufacturer to include a corrosion allowance on the pressure vessel. Thereafter, inadequate water chemistry treatment, blowdowns to
remove sediment, and inspections by the vessel’s owner and outside consultants during the life of the vessel led to excessive corrosion. Additionally, a deficient repair of the leaking vessel four years earlier by an outside company left defective, corroded material in place.

Lawsuits filed by those injured and the families of those killed were consolidated, and The Simon Law Firm represented one of the injured victims, and the family of one of those killed.

After two years of extensive litigation, which included over 75 depositions and over 20 experts, a settlement of slightly over $47 million was reached on behalf of all Plaintiffs with the defendants.

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