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Four Common Causes of Missouri Truck Accidents

By December 10, 2018March 2nd, 2023No Comments

A truck accident is just that, an accident; no one starts up his or her vehicle and hopes to be involved in a trailer truck collision by the end of the day. Unfortunately, while motorists try to avoid collisions and accidents, they still happen every day. Therefore, while every motorist has good intentions when they get behind the wheel, these intentions don’t always pan out. With this in mind, The Simon Law Firm wants to identify four common causes of Missouri Truck accidents.

Driver Error

The top cause of truck accidents in any state is driver error. Truckers work long hours, which means distracted and drowsy driving plays a big role in truck accident scenarios. If you are on the road with a trucker, make sure to give them space for your safety.

Poor Vehicle Maintenance

Truckers take their rigs thousands of miles every day. When we think about the combination of harsh road conditions, normal wear and tear, and infrequent maintenance; it’s only a matter of time before a truck breaks down. Truck failure is harder to control when compared to normal vehicle failure, so truckers and other motorists are at extreme risk of injury when this occurs.

Bad Weather

Just like other motorists, truckers are severely impacted by bad weather. In fact, truckers have a harder time dealing with inclement weather due to their heavy loads and their slower stopping speeds. When a trucker loses control of a truck in bad weather, the trailer is at risk of jackknifing, hydroplaning or flipping over. Therefore, when trailing a truck in bad weather, make sure you leave ample space!

Improper Loading Technique

Warehouse workers are supposed to follow proper cargo loading etiquette to ensure truck safety, but often, these stipulations are overlooked. Improper loading can cause a truck to malfunction from overhauling, and in some cases, can result in cargo flying out of the truck and onto the road.

Securing Proper Representation

If you or a loved one is injured in a trucking accident, The Simon Law Firm can help! Over the years, our firm has secured hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. If you’re ready to fight for your case, contact us now!

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