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Spinal cord injuries are absolutely devastating in nearly every instance. People who suffer spinal cord damage are highly likely to experience some sort of debilitation, such as reduced mobility and chronic pain. The chances of becoming paralyzed are also unfortunately high.

However, there are treatment options out there to help alleviate the worst symptoms of a spinal cord injury. Thanks to technological and medical advances, treatment options only continue to expand as the years go by.

Popular treatments for spinal cord injuries include:

  • Surgery: Precision surgery may be able to reconnect damaged tissues in the spine, restoring mobility and senses.
  • Rehabilitation: Lifelong rehabilitation sessions can be used to prevent a spinal cord injury from worsening.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Experimental drugs may be suggested to treat some spinal cord injury symptoms, like chronic pain and discomfort.
  • Robotics: Exciting advances have been made in medical robotics. Some spinal cord injury patients may be able to regain control of paralyzed extremities thanks to robotic enhancements.

High-End Treatments Often Mean High-End Prices

The downside of most spinal cord injury treatments is the cost. Professionals pushing the treatment envelope cannot do so for free in most cases. In order to give the greatest the world has to offer to patients, they need to ask for significant finances in return. Even if comparatively low-costed rehabilitation is used as the primary treatment, the cost of therapy sessions will accrue dramatically as the years pass.

Unfortunately, this causes people who need breakthrough spinal cord treatment the most to be unable to afford it. In order to correct the situation, those same people need to explore whether or not they can file a personal injury claim against the party that caused their injury.

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At The Simon Law Firm, our St. Louis personal injury experts are absolutely dedicated to upholding the rights of the wrongfully injured throughout the region. If you suffered a serious spinal cord injury due to an accident caused at no fault of your own, please call us at (314) 241-2929. During a free case evaluation, we can help determine if you can bring a claim against the liable party, and possibly determine how much compensation you should be given. Our goal is getting you a maximized verdict or settlement that allows you to utilize the best possible spinal cord injury treatments. Contact us today.

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