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When we think of an accident involving two vehicles on the road, we typically picture them colliding with one another. Although most accidents are caused by crashes between two vehicles, some accidents are the result of a driver’s attempt to avoid a potential crash with another vehicle. This mishap is called a no-contact accident, and truck drivers are often the cause of these misfortunes.

What Are No-Contact Accidents?

A no-contact accident is when a driver is forced to crash his or her vehicle due to the actions of another driver. In no-contact accidents, the drivers who cause the crashes do not hit other vehicles but are still at fault due to their negligence.

For example, if a driver attempts to overtake someone, forcing oncoming traffic to drive off the side of the road to avoid a head-on collision, the driver who drove into oncoming traffic would be at fault for the accident even though there was no direct contact between the vehicles.

Unfortunately, truck drivers are usually the cause of these accidents due to the size of their vehicles. If a truck driver attempts to change lanes while a passenger vehicle is in their blind spot, the driver of the passenger vehicle may be forced to go off the road or into another driver to avoid being smashed by the truck. In this scenario, the truck driver could be held responsible for causing a no-contact accident due to the unsafe lane change.

Have You Been a Victim of a No-Contact Accident?

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