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On April 17, 2021, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) released a warning to owners and prospective buyers of the Peloton Tread+, Peloton’s interactive treadmill. After being alerted to 39 injury incidents and one child’s death related to the Peloton Tread+’s uncovered rear base, the CPSC posted a full statement which states, “[t]he Commission has found that the public health and safety requires this notice to warn the public quickly of the hazard.” Within this statement, the CPSC released a graphic video showing two young children playing on and near the treadmill. One child, holding a ball at the uncovered rear base, has his arms pulled in after the treadmill’s belt catches them. With the motor still running, he is quickly taken under the treadmill. The child’s body, stopping the belt, causes the still-running motor to over-compensate energy with the traction and the treadmill lifts, shifts, and eventually covers the child, with only his lower legs visible. In this instance, the child was lucky to have survived. At least one child was not as lucky, and our thoughts are with this child’s grieving family.

The CPSC also states that at least one incident occurred while an adult was using the treadmill and a child was caught and pulled under the machine by the belt. Whether in use for its intended purpose or not, this product is a danger to children and pets. The CPSC released updated guidelines for those who continue to use the Tread+ stating children under 16 should not use the machine, it should be kept in a locked room to ensure pets and children cannot enter, and that, while not in use, the machine should be unplugged and store the safety key away from the device and out of reach of children. Peloton, in their statement shared by the CPSC, believes the CPSC warning to be “inaccurate and misleading”. They warn that children under 16 should not use the product and that children, pets, and objects must be kept away from the Tread+ at all times.

Peloton has experienced a large increase in sales over the last year, referencing COVID-19 in large part. In Peloton’s Fourth Quarter of Fiscal Year 2020 shareholder letter, fourth quarter revenue was $607.1 million, a year-over-year growth of 172%. The Tread+ has been sold since 2018 and still does not have a cover on the rear base, the cause of these injuries. As Peloton’s profits increase, injuries caused by their Tread+ do as well. The experienced product liability attorneys at The Simon Law Firm, P.C. have a deep understanding of the pain families feel when a loved one’s injury could have been prevented. They are prepared and eager to fight for those who are silenced by large companies.

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