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The average trucking accident can be linked to either the trucker’s negligence or that of a motorist on the highway. However, common causes are not the only causes of truck accidents across the country. In reality, many parties can contribute to a dangerous truck crash or collision, right down to the load crew who places cargo in a truck’s trailer.

Load Crew Negligence & Trucking Accidents

It is not something you might have ever given much thought to, but the actions of a load crew play a significant role in the safe operation of a tractor-trailer later on. A trucker trusts that load crews will know how to load their trailer appropriately. Both load crews at a trucking headquarter and third-party crews — such as retail employees who need to load a visiting truck with a product to return to a warehouse — have the responsibility of only placing cargo into a trailer in a way that meets Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) standards.

Problems that can be caused by load crews include:

  • Overloading: Commercial trucks have a weight limitation of 80,000 pounds when considering both the tractor and all the contents of its trailer. Going over this weight limit is both a trucking violation and a hazard, as it will make the truck take a significantly great length of road to come to a complete stop. Load crews may place far too much cargo into a trailer, exceeding the weight limit.
  • Poor weight distribution: The total amount of weight is important for trucking safety, but so is how that weight is distributed. Load crews that stack too much weight towards the end of the trailer will cause the trailer to swing and sway as the truck travels along the road. The weight placed at the front can put pressure on the brake systems, possibly causing a failure. It is even possible to put too much weight over one axle, causing it to snap and resulting in a bad crash.
  • Insecure cargo: The securement of cargo is also a crucial role in load crews. Failing to lock the back doors of a tractor-trailer could cause them to swing open mid-transit, spilling dangerous debris behind the truck. Open cargo holds or truck beds will need ample tie-downs, straps, ropes, and the like to keep cargo of all sizes in place.

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Electrocution Injuries: Catastrophic Consequences of Electric Currents

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Catastrophic Injuries Caused by Electrocution

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Electrocution injuries are some of the most severe and frightening catastrophic injuries in the world. We discuss the dangers in our St. Louis personal injury law firm’s blog.

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Electrocution Injuries: Catastrophic Consequences of Electric Currents

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Out of all the forms of catastrophic injuries, electrocution injuries might be the most frightening. In our St. Louis personal injury law firm’s blog, we talk about serious and permanent harm caused by electrocution, as well as what to do if your electrocution accident was not your fault.

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A single electrocution accident can cause a variety of severe, lifelong injuries and conditions. We discuss some of the more common and frightening consequences of electrocution in our blog, as well as how to file a claim if your electrocution was caused by a negligent third party:

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Learn about some of the most severe consequences of electrocution injuries here in our blog:


Electricity is truly a frightening force of nature. Harnessing it in our day-to-day lives is truly a modern marvel, but not one that comes without risks. Each year, dozens of workers in America will lose their lives in an electrocution accident. A victim who survives strong electrocution may also suffer severe and lifelong injuries and debilitations.

Someone who suffers electrocution and survives may experience the following:

  • Mental disability: A bolt of electrical current can superheat the fluids inside your body. The brain is particularly susceptible to overheating and electrocution. It is not uncommon for electrocution survivors to become mentally disabled due to brain damage suffered in the event.
  • Lack of coordination: If the brain is not permanently scarred by electrocution, it is still possible that a victim’s equilibrium is damaged beyond healing. Staying balanced and coordinated may be a struggle if this occurs.
  • Third-degree burns: Wherever electricity arcs through or across an electrocution victim, it is likely to cause third-degree burns. Even with immediate medical attention, burns of this severity are likely to cause lifelong scarring.
  • Paralysis: When electrocution harms the nerves of the victim, it can destroy them and cause paralysis to any body part attached to that set of nerves. The result could be paralysis in anything from a limb to an organ.

Reliable & Compassionate Personal Injury Representation for Your Case

After being electrocuted, the cost of medical care lost wages, and emotional suffering will be tremendous. If you or a loved one suffered electrocution that was caused by another negligent party, such as a coworker on a construction site or the manufacturer of a defective electronic product, then you should start thinking about how to get compensation for what happened.

With the representation of our semi-truck injury attorneys in St. Louis from The Simon Law Firm, P.C., you can confidently file a claim after your electrocution accident. We have the experience and insight needed to pinpoint liability, collect and use evidence to strengthen your claim, and stand up for your rights in court if a settlement cannot be reached. Call (314) 241-2929 at your first opportunity, or fill out an online contact form today.

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